We Three Kings

Have you ever wondered more about the story of the magi (wise people, not necessarily kings) who visited Jesus. Their story is told in the gospel of Matthew, chapter 2. Luke with his stables and shepherds Mary’s Magnificat was all about Jesus as the incarnation to the poor, but Matthew wanted to make sure that those of us who are less poor … [Read more...]

Turning (Magnificat)

We wrote a song of praise at Jesus coming into our lives and our world today. For the prayer/song, go to 19:55 in this video! … [Read more...]


It’s a world out there where people do not always believe us. And, of course, part of that is because we are not always telling the truth – or the full truth anyway.  But maybe, what the problem really is – especially when it comes to the Kingdom of God – is that we’re not telling the truth that people really need to hear. We pastors are … [Read more...]

How Do We Encounter the Divine?

What if I told you that a destructive event or the end of the world or an invasion of zombies is actually not what “apocalypse” actually means at all when we talk about the Bible.  Apocalypse comes from the Greek meaning “revelation.”  An apocalypse in the Bible happens whenever God reveals something to humankind – whether it be one, like Elijah on … [Read more...]

Whatever We Ask

A monologue sermon on Mark 10: 35-45 St. John came to visit us at church this week as we explored living our life for God. You can experience the whole story here. … [Read more...]

How is Your Soul Today?

A sermon on James 5: 13-20 When I understood less about God and prayer – and this wasn’t just as a child – I thought this as an adult many times too – prayer seemed like a way to get what I wanted from God.  And we can read James that way.  I’m suffering, so let me pray to take that suffering away.  I’m in a good place, let me … [Read more...]

Gentle Wisdom

A sermon on James 3: 13-18 The worlds wisdom can leave us feeling a little battered. What does it look like, feel like to experience wisdom that comes from God, wisdom that is gentle? To hear the whole sermon, click here. … [Read more...]

Still Storming

A sermon on John 6: 14-21 There's a promise we have from Jesus as we set off across what is sure to be stormy journeys, we wonder how will we ever do it alone.  Jesus, how will you get there with us – you aren’t in our boat and we’re very afraid.  But Jesus is promising – just go ahead, don’t worry.  God will take care of this.  And somehow, … [Read more...]

Epiphany in July

A sermon on Matthew 2: 1-12 Herod is NOT a great guy. To find out more, check out the full sermon here. … [Read more...]

It’s Only A Story – Christmas In July

A Christmas In July sermon on Luke 2: 1-20 Merry Christmas!  I am very aware that we’re not exactly used to celebrating Christmas around here with the windows wide open and another HOT day on the horizon – but that’s exactly what this Christmas in July celebration is all about – one pastor calls it “disclocation” but fortunately no joint … [Read more...]