It’s Only A Story – Christmas In July

A Christmas In July sermon on Luke 2: 1-20

Merry Christmas!  I am very aware that we’re not exactly used to celebrating Christmas around here with the windows wide open and another HOT day on the horizon – but that’s exactly what this Christmas in July celebration is all about – one pastor calls it “disclocation” but fortunately no joint pain is required. 

She suggests that Christmas in July might be shocking because it’s in the wrong place at the wrong time – but what if there’s nothing wrong about it at all?  What if separating out this story of our Savior’s birth from all the tradition and stress and anticipation and dread of the winter holiday is exactly the right way to tell this amazing story of our Emmanuel – God come down to earth, taking on flesh to be with us – to be like us.  That sounds pretty right to me!

I mean, there’s always the recognition that it’s highly unlikely Jesus’ actual Birthday is December 25th.  Our story says that the shepherds were living in the fields with their sheep and people with a lot more knowledge that I do about sheep say that’s not really a winter thing.  More likely it’s a lambing thing – happens in spring.  I have a March 24th birthday, so I’m pretty much assuming that Jesus and I share a spring March 24th birthday, because, why not?  And if we’re trying to be all symbolic here about the light of the world coming into the world, what better symbol than the gloriously long days of summer, like our Australian friends celebrate Christmas every year.  Basically, there’s no reason we can’t celebrate Christmas in July – all those times we’ve heard people say “I wish Christmas could be all year long” – well, guess what – in the most important way possible it is – every single breath we take is a celebration of Jesus coming into the world – God with us.  Think about that – breathe in – God with us.  All the time.  Every moment is Christmas.

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