Sheep, Weddings & Thieves

A sermon on Luke 12: 32-40 This week I practiced understanding metaphors in the Bible. Jesus often speaks in parables, and the prophets also told stories to teach the people about God.  We see metaphors of what God is like in the various Psalms and other “wisdom” literature.  Even in what we call the “historical” sections of the Bible, we know … [Read more...]

The Good Gifts

A sermon on Luke 11: 1-13 After Jesus offered the Lord's Prayer he gave the disciples more advice on how to pray Be both persistent and patient. Don't these seem like opposites to you? See how trusting God allows prayer to be both patient and persistent, and a great source of strength and comfort. See the full sermon here. … [Read more...]

The Test

A sermon on Luke 11: 1-4 The disciples asked Jesus how to pray, so he taught them what has come to be known as The Lord's Prayer. They are not magic words, but they are words that help us pray when we don't know where to start. For the full sermon, click here. … [Read more...]

Getting Kicked out of Bethel

I can't say that I did this wonderful sermon, but check out what our Elder Paul Slaikeu has to say about Amos. Click here for the full sermon. … [Read more...]

The Dirty Work of Soul Healing

A sermon on Luke 8: 40-42 & 49-56 Those of you in the medical field know that healing bodies can be dirty work -- so many bodily fluids, ick! But it turns out healing our souls can be hard work too. It requires connection, and that connection means feeling other people's pain and problems too. The Bible shares many stories of Jesus … [Read more...]

Healing the Body

A monologue sermon on Luke 8: 42-48 In this Bible story, Jesus heals a woman who has been sick for 12 years. But maybe it is more accurate to say that this woman healed herself by reaching out for Jesus. Here is a fictional monologue about how that healing might have affected her life. Watch Here. … [Read more...]

Healing the Body

A monologue on Luke 8: 42b - 48 Click here to see Pastor Mary offering a monologue from the woman who touched Jesus' cloak and was healed after 12 years of illness. … [Read more...]

Some Stories about our Church

For our Pentecost Sunday Birthday Party, we invited people in the congregation to share some stories about what brought them to Windsor Presbyterian Church and when they had seen the Holy Spirit moving in our lives together. Enjoy these holy reminiscences. Watch Here … [Read more...]

Come & Stay

Acts 16: 9-15 The big news in this story of Lydia? That it is a story about Lydia -- a woman in a world here women were rarely named and even more rarely named as business owners and heads of households. Paul spoke on the Sabbath to women outside the city gates -- and her heart was opened. Who are the "women" of our society -- the people who … [Read more...]


A sermon on Acts 9: 36-43 I’ve been weighed down this week by some pretty heavy conversations about death.  I talked to someone who is afraid that her own life may be in danger from disease.  I spoke with several people about loved ones who are close to death, and another person who has an elderly family member they struggle to love who may be … [Read more...]