How Do We Encounter the Divine?

What if I told you that a destructive event or the end of the world or an invasion of zombies is actually not what “apocalypse” actually means at all when we talk about the Bible.  Apocalypse comes from the Greek meaning “revelation.”  An apocalypse in the Bible happens whenever God reveals something to humankind – whether it be one, like Elijah on … [Read more...]

A Seed Sown in Darkness

A Sermon on Psalm 126 There have been those who say that 2020 has been our own version of exile, where we wait for God to save us from one another and from ourselves, from the ways we have not cared for one another, wreaked havoc on our earth, stolen from those who already had little to build our own little kingdoms.  But our kingdoms have not … [Read more...]

What if it’s Not All About Me?

A Sermon from Mark 1: 1-8 Mark jumps right to the good news about it all – there is another one on the way who is coming to make it all right.  Like John, we’re just the workers in the field, we’re just the messengers, we’re just the people making a path or a church or a Christmas tree to proclaim that one more powerful than us is really in … [Read more...]

You Mean There’s More?

A Sermon from Luke 17: 11-19 So, I totally missed the whole murder hornet thing this year.  I remember it crossing my newsfeed in Facebook and I just kept on going.  “Not one more thing!”  No way could I handle one more thing in 2020.  But this story about healing keeps adding more and more to Jesus' healing of ten people with what was then … [Read more...]

Luminary Labyrinth Dec 2

Come Explore the Windsor Luminary Labyrinth Thursday, December 25:00pm – 7:00pmWindsor Presbyterian Church Parking Lot251 Windsor River Rd, Windsor CA Begin your Advent Journey… Release, Receive, and Return What Is A Prayer Labyrinth? A labyrinth is a path which leads to the center of an intricate design and back out again. Unlike a … [Read more...]