It’s a world out there where people do not always believe us. And, of course, part of that is because we are not always telling the truth – or the full truth anyway.  But maybe, what the problem really is – especially when it comes to the Kingdom of God – is that we’re not telling the truth that people really need to hear.

We pastors are famous for this, but you know you’re not off the hook either!  Let me tell you a truth, we say.  This will change your life – Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary. Ta da! Truth. 

Except what does our doctrinal “truth” really offer?  Does it MATTER to anyone’s salvation if Mary was a virgin when the Holy Spirit came? If someone asked you about Jesus and Christmas, that’s a pretty common thing to say.  But why would we focus on that truth, over and above the truths that really matter to people? 

Here’s a good Christian truth you hear Christians say.  Turn to your neighbor: “You are sinful in every part of your being….”  How did that truth make you feel?

Now, turn to the same person and tell them the truth worth believing: “No matter what your sin is, Jesus Christ has come to make you right with God, to bring forgiveness, healing, and wholeness into your life and into our world.”

Which one makes you feel like the women in this picture?

Let’s tell that story over and over and over – when we greet each other on the street, when we’re feeling down, when we’re asked why we would waste our time with church and God and all this judgement stuff. 

When we get the chance to talk about God, let’s think about what the world needs to hear, the words – and actions – that can hold and comfort and heal one another.  Let us laugh together with the joy Jesus brings. 

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