Sermons & Musings from Rev. Mary Beene

Rev. Mary Beene has served at Windsor Presbyterian Church since February 2021.

Prior to that she founded a spiritual direction practice Openings: Let the Spirit In in Savannah, GA.  She continues her work as a spiritual director as well as pastor, and speaks and leads retreats as she can.

In addition to an M.Div from Boston University School of Theology, Rev. Beene has an M.P. A. in Organizational Development from American University in Washington, DC. She is also trained in spiritual direction by The Shalem Institute in Washington, DC and is a Georgia Certified Civil Mediator. Her special interests include the connection between God’s creation and spirituality, creative prayer practices and spiritual writing and autobiography.

She lives in Windsor with her husband, Eric, and son, Isaac.

It Takes A Whole Village

A sermon from Psalm 111 We celebrated Appreciation Sunday at Windsor Presbyterian Church on January 31st, celebrating all the people who have worked so hard in front of and behind the screens to keep us open -- maybe our building has been empty on Sunday morning, but the Spirit is hard at work all through the week. Psalm 111 and 112 lie … [Read more...]

The Time is Fulfilled

A sermon based on Mark 1: 14-20 Do you think Simon Peter and Andrew, James and John really just met Jesus for the first time and were ready to leave, immediately, on an adventure of discipleship. That's how we're generally taught this story of their calling in Sunday School, but many scholars believe it more likely that these disciples already … [Read more...]


A sermon based on Mark 1: 4-11 Do you remember your baptism?  Do you have a baptism story?  Does it end with a dove descending or a voice from the heavens?  Mark is in way too much of a hurry to spend time telling a big story about Jesus’ baptism.  Matthew and Luke go into far more detail.  Even John has more lines to the story, telling it … [Read more...]

Come & See

A sermon based on John 1: 43-51 When Philip invites his friend Nathanael to join him and meet this great new preacher, Jesus from Nazareth, Nathanael doesn't have much good to say. It's not just that Nazareth was a small town, hardly worth noticing – though it was that.  It’s that for more than 100 years before Jesus is seeking followers, … [Read more...]

Where’s that Star?

A sermon based on Matthew 2: 1-12 It always takes me aback to hear that Herod was among the first to recognize the birth of our Savior.  There was so much evil darkness in his rule, and yet the light shone even there.  It didn’t change his heart, but he also couldn’t un-know what he knew.  In their own way, the magi walked in darkness too -- … [Read more...]


A sermon based on Luke 2: 22-32 At Allegheny College's choral concerts the choir always sings the Nunc Dimittis, Simeon's song from the Scripture passage and it was deeply meaningful to me. "Lord, now lettest thy thou servant depart in peace, according to Thy word, for my eyes have seen thy salvation which thou hast prepared before the face … [Read more...]

Christmas Eve Fun

Windsor Presbyterian Church hosted a zoom birthday party for Jesus on December 24th. See all the fun here. … [Read more...]

Can’t Have One Without the Other

A sermon on Luke 1: 26-38 & 46-55 So there’s a traditional vision of Mary, the Mother of Jesus in the world.  She was gentle and meek and mild.  She didn’t raise her voice or question authority.  She was demure and knew her place in the world – a lower, humble place.  She was the epitome of peaceful countenances all over … [Read more...]

A Seed Sown in Darkness

A Sermon on Psalm 126 There have been those who say that 2020 has been our own version of exile, where we wait for God to save us from one another and from ourselves, from the ways we have not cared for one another, wreaked havoc on our earth, stolen from those who already had little to build our own little kingdoms.  But our kingdoms have not … [Read more...]

What if it’s Not All About Me?

A Sermon from Mark 1: 1-8 Mark jumps right to the good news about it all – there is another one on the way who is coming to make it all right.  Like John, we’re just the workers in the field, we’re just the messengers, we’re just the people making a path or a church or a Christmas tree to proclaim that one more powerful than us is really in … [Read more...]