Are You Sure?

A sermon monologue on Luke 5: 1-11 Today was not a typical sermon - instead I did a monologue as a person in the boat with Simon when Jesus helped them catch an abundance of fish. Simon was afraid Jesus was there to condemn him, but instead Jesus recruited him - and John and James too. Was there anyone else on those boats who might have been … [Read more...]

The Time is Fulfilled

A sermon based on Mark 1: 14-20 Do you think Simon Peter and Andrew, James and John really just met Jesus for the first time and were ready to leave, immediately, on an adventure of discipleship. That's how we're generally taught this story of their calling in Sunday School, but many scholars believe it more likely that these disciples already … [Read more...]

Come & See

A sermon based on John 1: 43-51 When Philip invites his friend Nathanael to join him and meet this great new preacher, Jesus from Nazareth, Nathanael doesn't have much good to say. It's not just that Nazareth was a small town, hardly worth noticing – though it was that.  It’s that for more than 100 years before Jesus is seeking followers, … [Read more...]