Luminary Labyrinth – Sat, Dec 16 after Concert (6:30 pm)

Windsor Presbyterian Church is once again excited to bring a wonderful mix of old and new to the holidays with its luminary labyrinth on December 16th from about 6:30 pm, following our 4C’s “Concert, Carols, Cookies and Cocoa” program at 5:30 pm.  Lighted bags will set aglow a special path of meditation and prayer for those eager to enjoy the light and joy of Christmas, as well as those who may be struggling this year.

Walking a labyrinth is an ancient practice, and the designs can be found in cultures thousands of years old. In the middle ages, cathedrals across Europe designed elaborate labyrinths on their floors.  The path was designed to represent a spiritual journey for those who could not make the difficult trek to Jerusalem or Rome. 

“We may not have a tradition of pilgrimages as much anymore,” says the congregation’s pastor, Rev. Mary Beene, “but offering this event gives those who are looking for something deeper an opportunity to reflect on what they want to carry through and beyond this Christmas.”