Charitable Giving


New options for giving to WPC- you can fulfill your tithe, or make a special memorial gift at a discount by donating appreciated Stocks.

Corporate stock donations have significant tax benefits to a donor. A donor may deduct the market value of the charitable donation from their taxes, and the donor need not pay any capital gains taxes on any appreciation of such donated corporate stock! You save yourself from paying capital gains tax and you get a tax deduction for the fair market value of the donation.

Donate Stock To Windsor Presbyterian Church

In order to make a donation you can click on the link above on our website, or access the site, and designate WPC as the recipient, your brokerage info and the stocks you wish to donate. The site may prepare a transfer document which you need to take to a financial institution and secure a medallion signature guarantee. This is a special signature guarantee for the transfer of securities. This can be done at a Brokerage office or many banks, some local institutions such as Redwood Credit Union require you show them recent brokerage statements and your I.D. to secure a signature guarantee.
A donor can open a donor account for complete recordkeeping and reporting to you by the website, or you may make a “one-time” donation without opening an account, in such instances, your information is kept only as it relates to the transaction (so that you will receive a receipt), but you do not get the benefits of being able to make recurring donations with a few clicks, and you won’t be able to log on to see a transaction record.
Currently Stock Donator supports the following brokerage firms:
1. Scottrade
2. Wells Fargo Advisors (Wells Trade)
3. Etrade
4. TD Ameritrade
5. Vanguard
6. Fidelity
7. T. Rowe Price
If your brokerage firm is not listed above, you may still make a donation to a supported organization by selecting “*Other Brokerage” during the donation process.  You may need to follow the instructions required by your own brokerage firm as well if “*Other Brokerage” is selected.
The finance committee at WPC