Soccer Lessons (Pastor Amy)

My 3 year old daughter is learning to play soccer.

Not really – she’s taking a soccer class for 2 and 3 year olds from some British organization, which attracts me for the accents alone. Two 20-something guys, Coach Tom and Coach Johnny, greeted my daughter this morning with high-fives and a child-size soccer ball for her to kick around. And then the parents and grandparents spent the next 45 minutes following their children around the soccer field – kick kick the ball! Yay!!

My daughter did not want to kick the ball. She wanted to carry the ball. When these British coaches and I convinced her that soccer balls were for our toes, not our fingers, she reluctantly agreed, and then proceeded to pick up the ball, place it where she wanted it, then kick it. The pick it up again. And kick it. And pick it up. And kick it. And you get the picture. Just add some blonde ponytails and it was like you were on the soccer field with us.

You know how when you have to learn something new, you think you’re ready (you’re shouting in the car – yay! soccer!), but when you start learning, and you discover you can’t do it the way you want to?  You have to learn a new skill? And how it’s hard to do things differently than you’ve ever done them before?

So now take your age and divide it by 3. My daughter wanted to quit soccer after 20 minutes. How quickly does it take you to want to quit when you realize you have to re-pattern in order to do something new? Fifteen, twenty times as quickly?

Patience. Perseverance. God is not through teaching you something new. What edge are you growing this season in your life? What way is it that God is trying to do something new in our church? We can’t only do things the way we know how. God gently invites us to be open to not just something new, but a new way of doing that something new.

Do not remember the former things, or consider things of old.

I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

Isaiah 43:19