Seeing More (Pastor Amy)

Amy in 5th grade

Growing up I commonly was teased. That seems to be a theme for growing up – other children find one thing about another child and pick on that child. It could be something like the shoes a child wears or how tall (or short) he is. For me, it was my glasses.

I had these thick bifocal glasses – before bifocals were made as one lens, they were two lenses glues together and wedged into thick frames. The only choice I had in the matter was to pick the color of the frames. Soft blue, fire engine red – it didn’t matter the color, they were still big thick glasses with what looked like cracks across the center.

It didn’t help that my last name was Seymour. Seeeeeeeee-more! the boys would shout down the school hallways. “They tease you because they like you” my mom consoled me, which I knew wasn’t true, but it was nice of her to try. “You’re beautiful, punky” my dad would tell me, using one of his pet names for me, which is what a dad would say to his daughter. As I got older the glasses remained, but the jokes just got more (or less) mature. “Say, have you read that book Under the Bleachers, Amy? It’s by Seymour Butts! Hahahaha!” I was older and would just roll my eyes, behind their thick lenses.

There’s a word in church lingo these days – missional. It’s about God inviting the church to look beyond itself, beyond its own survivability, beyond just the songs we sing and the food we eat, to see more of what God might be doing in our neighborhoods and how we might participate. I’m not a fan of the word “missional,” so inside my head I’ve dubbed this concept Seeing More (or Seymour). (Can I trademark or patent my own name?)

Seeing More covers a whole gamut of things: turning off the TV and spending time in your front yard so you learn more about your neighbors; not plugging in your earphones on the plane, but visiting with your seatmate; using some of your time to learn more about the kids in Windsor through our after school program; being open to God, accepting that God might have more for us to see, than just what we are seeing right now.

How will you allow God to let you see more this season of your life? What invitations are out there, gently knocking on your door? May your prayers include opening your eyes a bit wider, or even putting on new glasses, so we can see God at work in the world.


Amy Seymour Haney