The Holy Family (Pastor Amy)

Wood Family





This morning in worship the children of our congregation and I unpacked each piece of the Holy Family. Seven little hands passed the figures around the circle, gently touching the faces of the magi, parents, shepherd, and animals. Some hands took longer than others – one little pair of hands held on so tight to each piece, like he didn’t want to let the story leave his grip.

The Holy Family – Mother Mary, Father Joseph, the Christ Child, the shepherds, the three kings, the sheep, donkey, cows, and angels – hold deep significance for our work as Christians throughout the year.  The Holy Family is the matrix – the Latin word for womb – out of which new life comes. The story of Christmas is the story of the re-creation of the universe. Christ’s incarnation changes everything. It changes the way we understand ourselves, each other, the Creator, and the created world around us.

We find meaning in our lives, in the places into which we are born, through the network of these relationships.  In the midst of relationships of love, modeled by the Holy Family, and incarnated in our own lives, we find a ‘home’ every day.

Christmas is about family – yes, that’s true. It’s about the True and Holy Family into which each of us belongs.  Some of us have that tangible family that we can hug and exchange presents on Christmas Day. Some of us have family that is far away, some of our family has lots of brokenness woven into it. And some of us might not have any biological family with us this year. But each one of us has Family – God’s Family – of which we are a part. The world would not be a complete place without you and your place in the Family.

My prayer for each of us this season is that we find a kinship with the Holy Family – the sweet ancient story of a young couple with a donkey, of a cow being one of the first to welcome the Savior, of glorious angels singing to musty shepherds, of rich and wise kings bowing down before a baby. May the story of Family be a part of your every breath and prayer this season.



Amy Seymour Haney