Swimming Lessons (Pastor Amy)

I've been spending my mornings at the Windsor Senior Center with my children this summer. This is the place where the outside air smells like chlorine and teenage girls with their long hair piled high on top of their heads talk with the under 10 set about scooping their arms like they're scooping ice cream and kicking their feet while singing the … [Read more...]

Soccer Lessons (Pastor Amy)

My 3 year old daughter is learning to play soccer. Not really - she’s taking a soccer class for 2 and 3 year olds from some British organization, which attracts me for the accents alone. Two 20-something guys, Coach Tom and Coach Johnny, greeted my daughter this morning with high-fives and a child-size soccer ball for her to kick around. And … [Read more...]

The Holy Family (Pastor Amy)

        This morning in worship the children of our congregation and I unpacked each piece of the Holy Family. Seven little hands passed the figures around the circle, gently touching the faces of the magi, parents, shepherd, and animals. Some hands took longer than others - one little pair of hands held on so tight … [Read more...]

Seeing More (Pastor Amy)

Growing up I commonly was teased. That seems to be a theme for growing up - other children find one thing about another child and pick on that child. It could be something like the shoes a child wears or how tall (or short) he is. For me, it was my glasses. I had these thick bifocal glasses - before bifocals were made as one lens, they were two … [Read more...]